Our Satisfied Customers

Three Moves

Thanks again for all the help.  You ALWAYS come through for me….I’m sure you don’t remember but you helped me move 3 times since I moved to Texas in 2011 – first from Mansfield to Irving.  Then a year later from Irving to Lancaster.  And a year later from Mansfield to Desoto, where I’ve been for the past 3 years!!!  You have ALWAYS come through for me and I really appreciate it.  – Yolanda

Great Service

I just want to express how grateful I am that I found out about your services last year!! Rancho Palisades accepted me and I have bad credit.  I love the amenities here and the beauty of my surroundings!! I feel so fortunate to have gotten the chance to do business with you guys and as a matter of fact, I have signed another 14 month lease here and encourage others to check your business out when they need a move!!! I have and will always recommend Lisa Parrish 🙂 Amparo

Excellent Moving Company

I meant to email and let you know, I did get completely moved in and the lease signed. Inbox movers were FANTASTIC, I have been recommending them to everyone I can.

Thank you so so much for everything you have done, you have made this entire process so much less stressful and I have loved working with you.  Kylota

Sudden Need to Move

It’s never easy going through a personal situation where you have to suddenly move. When I contacted Lisa Parrish, they were on the job fast. Lisa located me several affordable apartments within my budget to lease in just a few days. I was amazed at her communication with me throughout my search. Lisa knew most of the apartment managers who were willing to work with me, which also made my transition smooth.

I highly recommend to anyone caught in a situation where relocating fast is of importance to them. Lisa Parrish provides fast, reliable and well above par customer service. Give her a call today. Ken…another satisfied customer

Excellent Moving Company #2

I just have to tell you that Inbox Movers were amazing!!! So much so that I am having them move the boxes and other stuff that we are moving this weekend. They have taken really good care of us. They really do deserve the rave reviews, as well as you!

Thank you for taking such good care of us with this whole move. I am extremely content with the service I have received.  Gina

Free Service and Rebate

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa.  I was indecisive on my move in date and kept going back and forth, but Lisa was patient with me and always professional.  I appreciated how she followed up on my issues and questions in a timely manner.  This is a free service and I actually got a rebate at the end of our dealings.  I will definitely use her service again in the future and have referred some of my friends to her service. Karmen

New to Dallas

You were very courteous, accurate, and so much VERY HELPFUL. You always came through with what you said, very honest.

With my crazy work schedule and hectic life, I had no time to look for a place.  Also with the fact that I had just moved here from another town. I barely knew anything around here. You were able to find me one perfect for myself and family. Not to mention, I still got some extra money in return. That’s always a plus. 🙂

I have recommended you to some of my family members numerous of times.  Angela

Past Eviction

My thank you goes to Lisa Parrish. I was not only able to find a place to live that accepts past evictions but I was able to call it my new home. After searching online on my own for years looking for a simple yes, Lisa was able to give me several options to choose from in several different cities. I didn’t feel pressured or inadequate due to my past mistakes or negative remarks on my rental history. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a customer.

Thanks Again!! Whitney

Simple and Quick

I think you all were excellent! We have used your services twice and both times were exceptionally above expectations. The moves were simple and quick, and the movers were very courteous and respectful to the family and our belongings. I will continue to recommend your services to our friends and neighbors.  Roderick

Courteous and Efficient

I would recommend Lisa Parrish to everyone. My move went better than I expected. The movers were on time and courtesy as well as efficient. The listing that were provided was just as I expected and the response from Lisa was in a timely manner.  Tim

Hopeless Situation

I was in a hopeless renters situation with less than deplorable renters history (2nd chance leasing? try 3rd chance). Lisa found me a few apartments that would work with me, despite the other properties I owed. Not only did I get an apartment, but I got a nice apartment on the fancy side of town. Just because you have had issues in the past doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to stay in a nice safe area with amenities. You may have to pay a little more for your mistakes, but its possible. Then Lisa put the cherry on top with the free move which came in handy. Thanks Lisa. I’ve been enjoying my new home! Corey

Best Place

Lisa is a really encouraging apartment locator. She is patient, loving and kind to you from day one. She will find you the best place for you in the quickest amount of time given her. – Wade

Christmas Miracle

My family and I tried almost everything to find a place to call home.  The one thing we did right was to trust Lisa Parrish.  God used her to be our Christmas miracle!  And she gave us a free move!!!!!! Grateful. 🙂 Anita

Talk to you next year

Thank you so much, I will speak to you in a year for another apartment. You are AMAZING! Kyndal

Great Experience

I would like to express that my experience was very awesome. Great communication and very professional as well. I will use your services in the future and promote you to all my friends and family. Shereesha