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We have a large selection of Second Chance Apartments in the Dallas, Ft Worth and Houston areas that will work with individuals that have broken leases.

What is a Broken Lease?

A broken lease occurs when one of the contract parties, either you or the apartment community, terminates the agreement before all pre-set terms are met. For example, if you rent an apartment on a 12-month lease, but you move out at nine months and are only paid up for nine months, This is considered breaking an apartment lease contract agreement. Many renters are not aware that their lease may require a 30 to 60 day written notice, even if your lease is expiring. This collection will be placed on your credit report. This could include the remainder of the lease term including paying back move-in specials and rebates you were given by the apartment community.

Examples of owing an apartment debt include:

  • Broken Lease
  • Property Debt
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Property Collection

Under certain circumstances, apartment communities might not put a collection debt on your credit report. Please note it is usually up to the apartment management or the judicial system.

Some examples include:

  • The landlord fails to live up to their obligations
  • The landlord does not provide you with a safe living environment
  • Your apartment is seriously damaged and it was not your fault, such as a natural disaster.
  • You are called to active military duty
  • Domestic abuse

The majority of the time, tenants who want to break their lease believe they have a valid reason such as a marriage or a job transfer, but to the apartment community, this might not be considered valid.

How to successfully get out of your lease contract

In the standard TAA Apartment Lease Contract, under Special Provisions and ‘What If’ Clauses there is a section called “unlawful early move- out; reletting charge”. You will need to give your 30 to 60-day notice to vacate and pay 85% of one month’s rent amount, including possible additional charges for specials or rebates that were given as an incentive to move in.